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My Citizenship Certificate Lost

16th May 2011
By Mirza Usman in Immigration Law
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Like manner, the file format I - 90, if you lose a green card, if you lose the certificate of citizenship, you can get an alternative model through the provision of N - 565, application for naturalization or citizenship documents and replace interest.

The formation of N - 565:

According to the Bureau, you must apply the formation of N - 565, or replace the application for naturalization and citizenship documents, if you have a certificate issued by their nationality, citizenship certificate, certificate or statement of intention to return to the motherland is lost, damaged, or destroyed. In addition, the form must be filed if your name has changed through marriage or by court order is issued, your files and require citizens to the new name. However, please note that they should not be n - 565 the request is submitted to correct errors on the certificate only when the interests of citizens of the error.

In order to get a replacement citizenship certificate, you must prepare and mail the completed application N - 565 departments, while providing cost, and submit supporting documents (if any). You will find all the information costs, mailing address and proof of the frequently asked questions. If you make a wrong address or postage, your application will be sent back to you.

Although the replacement of your request by mail to obtain the nationality certificate, must provide color photographs, in addition to his two supporting documents. Also ensure that a photo is submitted within 30 days of the request. If the reasons submitted by the formation of N - 565 are distorted in order to obtain a replacement file, you must attach a document, distorted and send your application. If you have any supporting documents in a foreign language, and ensure that it is accompanied by a complete English translation where the translator as a complete and accurate. Mail application, it will interest the integrity check, including the submission of evidence requirements and the application fee is correct.

If you are not the completed form, or send the application does not require the initial evidence, you will not be able to establish a basis for eligibility and opportunities, are interested may return / rejection of your application. If the application is not signed or accompanied by proper fees, interest, refused to do so in the description and the application is defective. Therefore, please ensure that your application has been completed, you can also provide the necessary support files, the application fee is correct.

Once you have completed this application by mail to the immigration and nationality, you can expect to get access to the requested pay attention to the letter - 13, 30 days after receipt of the request. Proof of this notification, the Authority received a total of 565 your request and the processing. You can check the digital receipt notice the status of your application, but it is still pending. Perhaps the interests of the request for additional information or evidence, you appear in the Bureau of the interests of the interview. They may also require you to provide any original documents.

Finally, if you create a status file, you will be asked to approve as N 565, will be issued a new document. If your application is rejected, the interest would be grounds for refusal in writing. Full citizenship certificate replacement process takes an average of six months.

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