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Your Career-Is Something Missing?

12th July 2010
By ctrebble in Commercial Law
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Some people have jobs in which they are very successful, but nonetheless, they are unhappy. It could be that you enjoy the people you work with and maybe even make an excellent income. Maybe you have a highly respected job title (like doctor or lawyer), are the principal of a school, or the CEO of a successful company. On the outside, you look like you have it all. But on the inside, you just aren't happy but aren't sure why. It's just something deep inside you, a gnawing in your gut that keeps saying, "Something's missing".

If this is you, it could be that the reason you feel something is missing is because your job is not in line with who you are. That feeling inside of you is your life calling and saying, "Hello? Mary? Um, I hate to tell you this, but this job isn't what you're all about."

I'm a big believer that we all have a purpose in life. We all have things we enjoy doing and certain things that we are passionate about. But, if you are like I once was, you may not have known what your passion or purpose in life was when you were younger and first starting out in the workforce.

Because of this uncertainty, you might have followed your mother's or your father's dream of you becoming a professional of some sort-lawyer, doctor etc. Maybe you became a teacher because both of your parents were teachers and that just seemed to be the logical thing to do because it was what you were most familiar with. Or maybe you were raised to learn your family's business and now help manage it.
Perhaps the career you ended up in was one that looked attractive to you years ago, but now you're not so sure.

Having a 'good' career can be the trickiest of all. If you are earning good money and you've achieved a certain 'status' in life, this can be difficult to just walk away from.

No matter how you got into the career field you are in right now, if you feel something is missing, it can be very troubling. These feelings can't be ignored. I can tell you now, that feeling won't just go away!

There is a part of you that may feel like you should be thankful for your job, yet you continue to feel unhappy. It's almost as if you are being pulled into another direction, but you just don't know what's tugging at you from the other end. If you find yourself feeling this way, then now is the time to explore these feelings and ask yourself if what you are doing now is really what you want to spend the rest of your working days doing. If that thought makes you shudder, then now is the time to grab hold of the reigns and consider making a change for the better.


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