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Real Estate Sliding Lawsuit

04th May 2010
By James Kahn in Commercial Law
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Masonite is one of the leading manufacturers of the high quality hardboard sliding door. It was before the year 1980’s, the company did a cost reduction effort because of financial problem. The cost reduction has resulted into a product with very low quality. The sliding door produce during the year 1980 to 1990 resulted in inferior, softened, rotted, and swelled sliding door. Their sliding became defected when expose to moisture. Lots of building other real estate properties constructed during this time used the Masonite sliding door. This defective product has cause million dollars damage to lots of real estate properties such as buildings and homes.

Because of this problem a sliding class lawsuit was filed by many business companies as well as homeowners. The complainants were demanding a monetary restitution stating the grounds that the company failed to meet the standard, quality, and warrantee of their product. All Legal formsregarding the construction of all buildings and houses are filled on the court as evidence.

During the year January 15, 1998, the Court of Alabama, granted plaintiffs as settlement in Naef V. Masonite lawsuit. All the complainants of the Masonite lawsuit have reimbursed all the eligible claimants. Claimants who owned a property affected with this bad sliding are candidate for reimbursement. You must present real estate forms and legal documents owning a property such as condominium, building, town home as well as multi-level dwelling with a Masonite sliding door that were installed between the year 1990 to 1998 are qualified for a cash compensation regarding this class lawsuit.

This sliding lawsuit has a pay-out of $3000. You can recover million dollars if you are property owner between those years. There are field technician that will inspect your entire property to know if you are qualified for this sliding class lawsuit. This is an on-site inspection that should be catered by the owner of the house to get the compensation.

If you are an owner who does not have time to settle all necessary requirements for the compensation, you can consider having power of attorney forms. This is to give one of your relative the power and authority to do necessary action in behalf of your consent. By doing this, you can avail the necessary compensation that is right for the damage caused by the Masonite in your property.

Every homeowner and business owner juts want the best for their property and having inferior home product is one of the biggest mistakes that a company can do. The quality of the building depends upon the materials used in building the property. It is an obligation for a company to produce high quality material for real estate properties.

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