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Jobs For Felons - 10 Tips to Help Convicted Felons Get Jobs

22nd June 2010
By Williamstone in Commercial Law
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Getting a job with a felony is no easy task. I know from personal experience. There are many techniques to bettering your chances of getting hired at a job as a convicted felon, so I compiled this list of 10 tips to help you start working with a felony conviction:

1. Make a list of possible jobs: There are a lot of jobs that a felony will automatically bar you from getting ie. banks, police force, hospitals/nursing home depending on the state regulations. Think logically about the chances of you getting hired dependent on your conviction.

2. Fill out applications: Start filling out tons of applications at the places from your list. A wise man once told me that if you are looking for a job working 8 hours a day, you should be putting in 8 hours a day finding a job. This holds even more value for felons seeing as it is a lot harder to get a job with a felony.

3. Be honest: When filling out an application always be honest and put your felony down where it asks. If you get hired and later on they find out about it, chances are you will be fired. I suggest also writing "I will discuss upon interview.

4. Be prepared with a good explanation: Prepare a good statement about what happened and how you have changed yourself/fixed the problems you had. If you have a good statement prepared then you can hopefully find an employer who will be sympathetic to your situation.

5. Dress nice: Show that you really want the job. Sometimes it feels silly dressing up for an interview but going that extra little bit really proves that you want it! Employers do notice these things.

6. Go back to school: You can always enroll in school and further your knowledge for a specific job. Going back to school will help you because you will be better equiped for a good job and it shows that you have grown out of your ways. School is a good way to show responsibility.

7. Join the army: The Army is a good place to get a new start for felons. There are many benefits to joining the Army such as college, discipline, and real world experience. Think about the pros and cons before joining the Army.

8. Try to seal your offense: Talk to your attorney, or probation officer to find out what the stipulations are for getting your felony removed.

9. Start small: You will have to start out small and work your way up. Having a felony means you need to put the extra work in. Prove yourself and get a better position at a job that you land. Stay determined!

10. Make your own business: Probably the best option is to become self employed. There are many ways to start making money as a felon online.

I hope that this article has helped and will continue to help you on your job hunt and get you back to work, successfully employed!

William P. Stone, Owns and writes on a blog for felons
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