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Why Wordpress Platform Is Essential For Online Business

16th June 2011
By monikacis in Internet Law
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WordPress is an open source platform which is generally used to create a beautiful website or to publish a blog. It was first released by Matt Mullenweg on May 27, 2003. This platform is built on PHP language and supported by MySQL database. Now a days it has since evolved into a fully capable CMS platform which make it, the best platform in the world for performing online business.
In todayís scenario this platform is being the need for all online businesses. There are many advanced and useful features which make the Wodrpress the best and easiest platform in the world for operating online business. These features are as follows :-
● Open Source platform :- WordPress is an open source platform. In other word it is free to use. This is the best feature of wordpress as this quality lead us to take a decision regarding the development of customized website or a blog.
● Numbers of plug-ins and themes :- WordPress has number of plug-ins and themes
option which makes it different from other platforms. Plugins are very important in WordPress as they help in customization of our blogs and websites. Besides this themes are very important as they decide the look and also the navigation of blogs and websites.

● Low cost :- WordPress has very little set-up cost to get up and running. You have to pay domain name registration cost, web hosting cost and a very little cost for getting customized theme as it will reflect your brand.
● User-Friendly :- WordPress is easy to use. You donít have need to become an expert to learn WordPress. It has a dash board and many inbuilt features with the help of which you can do lots of interesting things like embedding of video, audio, photo galleries in your post. You can also add widget, nifty plug-ins or interactive tool in your blogs. Besides these WordPress has evolved many advanced features like content management system, multi-user sites, mailing lists, newsletter services, discussion groups and shopping cart features.
● Social Interaction :- WordPress has social interaction feature. And this is the most advanced feature of WordPress. As for performing online business, websites and blogs are the only medium that are available to interact with customers and WordPress perform this work with the help of cross-blog communication tools, comments and full user registration plug-ins.

● SEO friendly :- WordPress has several inbuilt features according to search engines paradigm which make it seo friendly platform. Generally search engines like WordPress websites as these sites are always being updated and with the help of plug-ins we get maximum exposure to search engines.
Apart from these features easy installation, easy updation, high security, Spam protection, bookmarklets, flexibility and extensibility are some important features that insert moon in the praise of WordPress.
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