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Visit PA Unemployment Website For Information Regarding Unemployment Benefits

16th June 2011
By Edwina Trevino in Internet Law
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If residents of Pennsylvania in the United States of America become unemployed, they can browse the PA unemployment website which gives detailed information regarding the benefits that they can claim on the basis of unemployment. The state of Pennsylvania, like other states, pays unemployment benefits on a monthly or weekly basis to unemployed residents so that they can fulfill their basic needs during the period they are looking for a job. The unemployment benefits are paid only to those residents who are registered with the state as being unemployed and who file a claim with the PA unemployment office.

The first step in availing PA unemployment benefits is to file a claim which can be done online at the PA unemployment website. However, before filing the claim it is essential to check the PA unemployment eligibility requirements that are mentioned in the website. The three main criteria for being eligible are financial eligibility, benefit eligibility, and status of the applicant regarding maintenance of the eligibility. Details of these criteria can be had from the PA unemployment website. The authorities also check out the reasons given for loss of job and whether the person is capable of accepting another job and also whether he is turning down jobs only to avail of the benefits. Once the eligibility criteria are cleared, the state will take steps to process the claim and provide unemployment benefits. The third criterion is repeated every week.

How Long Can One Get Unemployment Benefits?

An unemployed person in Pennsylvania who has lost his job or whose work hours have been reduced due to no fault of theirs can claim unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks under the state unemployment insurance. The funds for the benefits are created by employers under a state unemployment compensation scheme. The amount of weekly unemployment benefit is calculated based on the amount of income generated by him during the base period which is the first four quarters of the last five quarters since he filed his claim.

Paying Taxes on Unemployment Benefits

As per IRS rules, if a person gets any unemployment benefits, he is liable for paying tax on the benefits although the amount of taxation is not the same as for normal income. In order to find information regarding the taxation aspect, it is advisable to browse the PA unemployment website. The rules state that a person will have to pay only federal income tax on his unemployment benefit but he will be exempt from paying state or local taxes.

How to Pay Taxes

There are various options for paying taxes on unemployment benefits. The entire benefit amount can be collected by the unemployed person who can then set aside a small percentage, say ten percent, to pay the full tax at the right time or the recipient of the benefits can ask the State Department of Labor, by filling a form, to deduct a certain amount and only give him the balance every week so that tax liability is taken care of. The unemployed person may set also aside about ten percent of his benefits and pay an estimated tax amount every quarter or they can ask their spouse to increase his or her tax payments so that at the time of final reckoning, they need not pay any large amount as taxes.

The various aspects of claiming PA unemployment benefits can be learnt by studying the provisions mentioned in the PA unemployment website.
Pennsylvania State offers PA unemployment benefits to its residents for a certain period of time so that they can survive during that period and look for alternate employment. Details of these benefits and the mode of claiming the same are available on the PA unemployment website.
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