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Why Wordpress Platform Is Essential For Online Business

16th June 2011
WordPress is an open source platform which is generally used to create a beautiful website or to publish a blog. It was first released by Matt Mullenweg on May 27, 2003. This platform is built on PHP language and supported by MySQL database. Now a days it...
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Digital Writers…let’s get cracking!

17th February 2011
The terrible dialogue in the cut scenes of Lost Planet 2 made me want to hurl my console at the screen, or simply hurl. The storytelling in Lego Batman was childish in the extreme. Even for a kids game. Solve the puzzle, beat the bad guy, move on. Sol...
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“I’ve got the power!” – Snap 1990

04th February 2011
In The Long Tail Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine fame talks about ‘the democratization of production’. That means we all get to make stuff now. We’ve got the power, in a real Carl Marx kind of way. We can produce video, e-books, albums, games and iP...
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Professional Google Android Application Development India

04th February 2011
Google Android application development platform uses the Google Android operating system known very popular due to its intuitive design, support for multiple networks and the ability for framing various applications constantly evolving. Once you employ Pr...
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PHPBB Customization & PHPBB Application Development

06th January 2011
PHPBB is a term that refers for PHP Bulletin Board that is a well known internet forum created using PHP language. PHPBB is an influential gizmo that helps in creation of custom planned profile fields and generate custom defined Bulletin board. PHPBB is f...