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Things Hated By User In A Web Page

14th June 2011
By Methew Gilcrist in Internet Law
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The purpose of this article is to give light on the mistake of web design generally conducted by a web designer. In general each and every web designer wants to give his client the best ever design. On his part he tries his best. The design delivered by him also fulfills all the criteria of the client. So, where comes the mistakes. It is really very hard to find the mistake until and unless the website is aired and the owner start getting the response or feedback from the user.

To facilitate the designers this article is written from the perspective of user and focuses on the designs that annoys them in a web page.

A web page comprises lot many things, but it doesn’t mean that you only clutter the page without thinking of user’s response and his likes. The first thing that annoys user most is too many links and that also following after the search of user. Clicking on two to three links and not finding the relevant result may annoy your user and ultimately you may end up in losing a potential client. So whether it is misleading or ever ending links it should be avoided. You can seek suggestions from web designers London; they will give you the proper and satisfied ways of assigning links.

Secondly user also wants that the text of the web page he/she is reading should be reader friendly and color & contrast should be matched thinking the readability factor. For instance, according to latest trend some popular web page are using grey text in the simply white background, it is really very hard to read as compared to the black text on white background.

Some sites have started with an innovative idea of sound i.e. audio/video file on the home page. It is a successful idea but monotonous too. Website owner should be bit careful while using audio files as it may irritate user. When asked from one of the experienced UK web design he said “ user like audio file but it should be changed twice a week, secondly it should not start automatically, if user click the button then only it should be played”.

Firefox has made the work of many users very easy; one can block ads, block flash. And user has also X and back button. So he is only the king. For the best design all learners who are thinking of a career in web design can take help of designers who were not successful. The designer who burns their midnight oil for a good design but end up in a design that client find hard to satisfy himself. Get help from these designers. Always remember "An unsuccessful player can be a successful coach"

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