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Three Ways to Keep Your Green Card If Your Marriage Falls Apart

22nd March 2012
If an immigrant has been married less than 2 years when the immigrant is granted lawful permanent resident status, the immigrant will receive permanent resident status on a "conditional" basis. The usual rules: * The immigrant spouse's green card wi...
Author: Heather Poole, Esq.
Immigration Law

US Green Card Application Process

21st December 2011
A person is allowed to live and work in the US without any time restrictions once he gets the Green card. Through employment or family sponsorship are the two common ways to get green card. Based on the close family ties between an applicant and a permane...
Author: Nancy

Canada Study Permit-- International Students In Canada

18th October 2011
What is a Canada study permit? A Canada study permit allows international students to study in Canada under a variety of programs, including English and French language classes, post-secondary degree programs, and professional programs, amongst others. ...
Author: fwcanada
Immigration Law

Mulling Over Australia Immigration from India?

05th September 2011
With the Land of Kangaroos fast emerging as a hot destination for immigration purposes, lately, focus has shifted to India from where immigration to this beautiful nation -- which is rightly called the Land of endless Opportunities -- is at an all time hi...
Author: preeti sharma
Immigration Law

EB-5 visa

17th August 2011
As you know, getting U.S.P.R. {permanent residency} is the toughest job in the world as compared to the other countries. But here we present you to the easiest way to have it i.e. through Eb5extell this co. provides you the EB-5 program which has created ...
Author: eb5extell
Immigration Law

How to Apply Student Visa For Australia

10th August 2011
Australia is among a very popular destination for International students. Australia has a large number of top notch and high ranking Universities and Colleges, which are a dream for many students aiming for studying abroad. However getting a visa for Aust...
Author: Indiainternets
Immigration Law

EU Visas for Non EU Citizens

26th July 2011
Visas for Non EU Citizens Buying your Dream Home in Cyprus is the Key to EU Residency. Enjoy Permanent Residency in an EU country by buying a home in Cyprus. Fulfilling your dream of an EU lifestyle has been made possible by the Cyprus Government. T...
Author: joelgjfkpi
Immigration Law

Immigration visa consulting over Social Media networks

24th May 2011
Abroad jobs and abroad permanent residency are most luring factors and insight dream of many of us. For experiencing a better life and earning more, many candidates aspire to immigrate to foreign land. Many nations interested to lure peoples to migrate to...
Author: monia
Immigration Law

Important Australian Immigration Updates from April 2011 Everyone Should Know

10th May 2011
Salary Increase! The most important change for Australian and overseas company sponsors who have 457 visa holders in their employ, is the increase in the base salary for one of the three pathways to permanent residency under corporate sponsorship. Up un...
Author: Sally Webster

American Laws

21st March 2011
Immigration signifies the motion of a foreign individual right into a country to reside on a permanent foundation. Each person who wish to enter a region should seek out permission to enter the region and abide through the law. The immigration law refers ...
Author: Alan Wilzig
Immigration Law

Why You Should Came to NZ

15th March 2011
When I was 19 I decided I wanted to study overseas, my parents took me to an agent so that we could get a good idea as to what each country offered and where I should study, what programme I should study and what university I should attend. This was my...
Author: Robet morkal
Immigration Law

Vital tips for green card immigration

15th March 2011
Are you looking forward to get green card? Well then you need to understand the basics of green card immigration. The procedure to get green card can be a time consuming one and it is not at all simple. So for that you need to know what things you must fo...
Author: Get Leads Fast
Immigration Law

Working Using a L1 Visa in DC

14th March 2011
When a organization is starting to create a market place in another country, it really is often essential to have some employees with extensive experience, proprietary expertise and specialized abilities work within the recently established place. For thi...
Author: Robert Crandall
Immigration Law

US Citizenship Application, USCIS Form (N-400)

07th March 2011
Acquiring US citizenship isn't only a privilege but also permits to appreciate the rights which are component of US citizenship. A person can become a U.S. Citizen either via birth within the U.s. or by means of mother and father or grand mother and fathe...
Author: Al Kola
Immigration Law

FAQ on Family members Based Immigration

04th March 2011
You can find a variety of approaches to obtain a permanent resident card or green card. An applicant may receive a green card via employment, via a family members, asylum and refugee status, via green card lottery system or through adoption by a permanent...
Author: Al Kola
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