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Usafis Green Card Lottery

08th December 2009
By Usafis in Immigration Law
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What is the Usafis green card lottery?

DV (Diversity Lottery) each year develops 50,000 Visas for immigrants, which is available through the lottery program. If you qualify for the green card lottery then you can live and work in the United States permanently.

To get the green card lottery you must apply on the Internet. Once you submit your application along with the required documents, you may qualify to receive a free airline ticket to the United States if you win. Online you can take a free eligibility test to see if you qualify for the Visa.

Green card lottery is available through the State Department dedicated sites online only. You do not have to mail your applications at this time. Foreign petitioners of the Diversity program are no longer taking applications via snail mail. Instead, your applications must be submitted electronically. Use the web sites online to submit your application today.

By submitting your application today, you have a chance to win. Under the Usafis Org website, you have a chance to win and you will receive a free airline ticket to the United States. Usafis Org allows you to send your photos via mail, but the United States Department does not. In addition, you are not required to pay any fees for filling out your application online.

About Usafis Org

Usafis Org invites oversea residents to participate in the Green Card Lottery program. American citizens must join the program to benefit from the offers issued by the United States government.

Some of the benefits include:

1. Double the chance to win for married couples
2. Easy Internet registration
3. Assistance with filling out the application
4. Earn the opportunity to live and work in the US
5. Congress approved
6. Official United States government program
7. Up to 50, 000 immigrants and their families have the opportunity to live and work in America

To find out if you are eligible go online today and look for the sites that offer you a test to see if you qualify. Most applicants do qualify for the lottery however, eligibility is based on the information you provide, e.g. your country of birth. If your country is not listed in the list of eligible applicants, you may sign up for the program as a native under your parents' country of birth.

To find out if you are eligible you will need to provide your country of birth, your education status, and your employment.

Green Card Lottery Online Application Services. Enter US Green Card Lottery program online to win a US visa with USAFIS. For more information please visit us at:

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