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Green Card FAQ

07th December 2009
By Usafis in Immigration Law
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Some people have questions or concerns about the United States Green Card Lottery program. In this article, we will provide a list of questions followed with answers to help you understand how the program works and what you will need to apply.

Q: Is there new requirements or changes for the application process?

A: The Diversity Visa (DV) registration has issued some new requirements and changes. To enter the program you must provide a valid e-mail address. If you qualify, the government will send you an official letter from the department of KCC via mail. KCC may send e-mails in some cases. Requirements are the same.

Q: When will the entry status check be available?
A: The status will be available July 1, 2010. If you applied, you may continue checking your status until June 2010.

Q: Is photos and signatures demanded for each family member?
A: You will fill out an E-DV form, which does not require of you to sign the document. You must submit current photos of you, your children who are under 21, and your spouse. Do not send group photos.

Q: Do all natives qualify for the program?

A: No, DV purposely created the program to give immigration the opportunity for individuals from listed countries other than the countries that send large groups of immigrants to the states. The law reads No DV shall be provided for natives of high entrance countries. According to the law, 50,000 individuals in Employed or family oriented visa may sign up for the green lottery program. USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) adds another family unit and list of employed immigrants to the admission list.

Q: What is the limit on entry to the US under the Green Card Lottery?

A: according to the United States Government and Diversity program the most people who can enter and live in the US estimates to 55, 000. These people can live permanently in the states if they are eligible. Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central Relief Act (NACARA) on the other hand were passed by the US Congress and it states as of November 1997, starting at the earliest DV - 1999, as many as 5,000 and up to 55, 000 are available.

In conclusion, we are sure you have many other questions. We ask that you visit the US government sites to find out more details about the US Green Card Lottery program and Diversity program. Information is available in regards to the Visa program as well.

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