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Icy Road Help

29th December 2010
By Quinn in Law
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One should always be cautious and alert when driving over roads that have the potential of being covered in ice. These roads are very unpredictable and can cause severe injury or even death. In a state like Alaska, these road conditions are normal, but that doesn‘t cease the possibility of an accident. It is always important to remember that accidents can happen, and not to take anything for granted. There are quite a few ways to prepare one’s self and be safe when traveling on dangerous roads.
It is always a good option to wait for the weather and road conditions to improve if you are able to do so. If it is not necessary to travel, then the best option is to stay inside. This is certainly the best way to avoid an accident when ice and snow are involved. If one must travel, be sure to proceed with caution and drive slowly. There is no reason to be in a rush to get somewhere. It is better to arrive late than not to arrive at all. One’s driving skills are greatly decreased when it comes to dealing with ice on the road.

While traveling, one may come in contact with ice and begin sliding. We must stay in control and remain calm. The best way to counter a sliding vehicle is to turn your steering wheel in the direction the car is sliding. This will help to balance the vehicle back onto a straight path. It would be counter productive for one to slam on their breaks when hitting a patch of ice. It is good to remember to take it easy on your breaks. Slamming on them can cause the car to lose control, and anti-lock breaks do not work as well when dealing with icy conditions.
Even if one takes all the precautions necessary for bad weather conditions, an accident can still occur. In the event of an accident, it is useful to have a lawyer in mind to help with the headaches that can arrive after the fact. Having a lawyer is just another way to prepare one’s self if and when an accident is to occur.

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