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Are you inspired by Canada Business Immigration concept?

03rd October 2011
By Ajay Sharma in Immigration Law
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Canada, the Land of Endless Opportunities, is a hotspot of sorts for immigrants from across the globe. According to an OECD report, the nation in question stands out amongst all industrialized nations and is just one spot behind the leader, Australia. The former scored at or near the zenith in fields, including housing, health, education and life satisfaction among the 34 key industrialized nations which constitute the OECD.

This brings us to the issue of Business Immigration to Canada. Thanks to its rather fast and highly favorable program of business immigration, its world recognized standard of life (as mentioned before), amazingly low taxes for business purposes, besides geographical location, Canada has appeared as one of the most interesting spots for the object of business and family immigration. Aside from other regular plus points proffered by the nation, Ottawa is renowned for its great banking system – widely believed to be the best across the globe.

Business immigration to the country is done under its unique Business Immigration Program. It much inspires business owners and managers from abroad desiring to invest or start a business on the Canadian soils. Individuals who sail through successfully under the said program -- together with their close family members -- get to enjoy the distinction of being a permanent resident of the nation.

These people also become entitled for submitting an application for the purpose of citizenship. They must have resided in the nation for a period of three years though. Individuals applying are assessed on the basis of the selection criteria as laid down by Citizenship and Immigration of Canada.

Categories in Business Class Immigration

Canadian Immigrant Investor Program: Individuals applying under this category should have a total value of not less than CAD$16, 00,000. Those who make the cut should have an experience of two years in business management. They are also expected to make a secured investment of nearly CAD$800,000.

Entrepreneur Program: Persons applying under this specific class should possess a total value of not less than CAD$300,000. They should also have suitably managed and exercised control over a qualifying business. People who succeed are expected to start a business in the country within a period of three years of acquiring the status of permanent citizen.

Self-Employed Program: Individuals applying under this category should have good background in cultural activities. Despite the fact that no specific minimum net worth requirements are there, the applicants are expected to have good funds in order to comfortably support close members of their families.

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