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26th July 2011
By Daryl Dela Cruz in Accident claims
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A number of individuals experience misfortunes and accidents almost every minute. This is probably because people tend to be more reckless nowadays rather than before. Another reason is because oftentimes we disregard certain things that would later on be the main cause of an accident. Here is a list of the most common accidents that are happening around the world almost every minute.

1. Auto Accidents - This would probably be at the top of everybody's accident list. Auto accidents happen almost everywhere especially in highways and busy roads where there are more vehicles. This type of accident is both possible to pedestrians and to the motorists themselves.

2. Sports Injury - This type of accident is the one that happens to people while playing a certain sport. Basketball, for example, has a high risk of spraining a player's ankles or worst, breaking their bones. In the other hand, swimmers fear only one thing; cramps. Cramps refer to the tightening of the muscles in a certain body part which making it difficult to move.

3. Animal Accidents - Animal attacks such as bites, scratches and other similar incidents all fall under animal attacks. An example of this is the snake bite. A single bite caused by a highly poisonous snake can cause a person's death even just for a couple of minutes. That is why it is always important to stay in a look out for unexpected attacks especially if you are travelling out in the wild.

4. Crime/Assault - This could be either accidental or intentional depending upon the reason of the criminal. A robber whom accidentally kills his victim because he has no other option can be considered as unintentional while in the other hand, killing a marked person is treated as intentional. Still, killing someone would always be punishable by law.

5. Slips, Trips and Fall - An accident that is more likely caused by a person's negligence. Although this type of accident barely causes deaths, it is still considered as one of the most occurring accidents today. It may not kill you but it will surely injure a part of your body.

6. Dangerous/Defective Products - This kind of accident happens because of a certain defect upon a product. A defective gas tank for example may explode and burn a house to ashes and the worst part? If there are people in that house.

These are only some of the most popular accidents that happen almost everywhere at any time of the day. Some people say that we cannot do anything about these things because they happen unintentionally, that's true. Let's face it; accidents happen mostly at the very moment we are not actually expecting. However, there are things we can do to lessen their impact to us. The insurance is one of them. Being insured in an insurance company can provide us with certain benefits whenever any unavoidable incident happens.
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