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When The Unexpected Happens, A Marine Accident Investigation Is One Of Multiple Steps That Need To B

14th July 2011
By Roger Design in Accident claims
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Whenever an accident occurs, there's typically an initial period of chaos as every scrambles to react and take care of the situation. The level of chaos that is reached will be determined by how prepared the individuals are and what kind of plans are in place to deal with the particular scenario. These situations can happen in the marine and offshore drilling industry, due to riser failure or other accidents, and as we've seen, when there is not proper preparation, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Even when that early confusion and panic subsides, there always remains a lot of questions. One of the first questions that is going to be asked is what went wrong. In some cases, making this discovery is easy because the problem is obvious but more often than not, the specific cause of an accident will be more complex and require a marine accident investigation. It's important to determine the cause of an accident, utilizing a marine accident investigation if necessary, because without that knowledge, it makes it impossible to move forward with answering the other questions that need to be solved.

Of course, performing a marine accident investigation only makes sense if it's done with by someone that has the credibility to do so in a manner that will lead to legitimate answers regarding the cause. For several years, Stewart Technology Associates has been a name that has carried a tremendous about of that credibility in this industry and we've been called on my clients across the globe to carry out a thorough marine accident investigation when they need answers. Our experience in this field is unmatched, something which has been proven repeatedly over the years. Because we've worked with so many different kinds of organizations in this industry, we bring a well rounded background that becomes extremely valuable during a marine accident investigation.

In addition to determining the cause of the accident through an investigation, we're also able to assist clients in moving forward and making the necessary changes to avoid these accidents in the future through our consultancy and analysis. When these accidents lead to an oil spill, spill containment becomes of primary concern, an area of great strength for STA. Once it's been contained, oil spill cleanup will be the next task and STA has worked alongside our clients during this process as well. It's clearly important to limit the damages of these accidents when they inevitable occur and that's something we're dedicated to doing at Stewart Technology Associates.

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