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How Can I Make A Car Accident Claim?

30th June 2011
By Bonita George in Accident claims
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A Car accident claim is made when there is a road accident involving a car. The accident may have caused damage to the vehicle in question. It may have caused injury to a person, injured a third person, caused the death of a third person, damaged the vehicle of a third party or may have even caused the death of the claimant. What generally happens is that when an accident occurs many people are left clueless as to how to proceed and where to go to get traffic accident compensation.


To make a car accident claim, you need to approach the insurance company. If there is a particular agent who contacted you while you took out the insurance policy, he may be contacted. He is referred to as the insurance agent. Insurance agents can be quite tricky. They do not show the same enthusiasm in releasing a compensation amount as they did when they were selling the policy. They try to find loopholes in the claim and reduce the amount due.


Seek The Services Of A Skilled Lawyer


If you intend to make a car accident claim, it is always better to go to a lawyer who is well versed in laws pertaining to traffic accident claim. He will be able to guide you through the entire process of making a claim and getting the car accident compensation as well. He will also help you collect all the documents and data required by the insurance agency or the court in case of a personal injury lawsuit and also clarify if you are really entitled to the claim. For this, a clear understanding of the insurance documents and laws are necessary.


Be Honest With The Lawyer


Reputed solicitors generally work on a "no money no fee" basis. This means that they get paid only if the client gets paid. It is very essential to be completely honest with the lawyer and disclose every fact of the case. This is important if you intend to come out a winner. Being the first party to the accident, it is also very essential to file an accident report with the police on the day of the accident itself. This goes a long way in supporting the insurance claim later on.


It is better to avoid the so called lawyers and agents who approach you at the hospital stating that they can help you with the claim. Most of the time they are just interested in getting a good commission and it does not mean they will be able to help you with the car accident claim in any way. It is also important to make the claim without much delay preferably within a couple of days of the accident. This is when the facts are fresh in the mind of the claimant.


Once the claim is made there is generally a waiting period for the compensation to come through. An investigation is generally carried out by the insurance company into the facts of the claim. This process and the paperwork have to be completed before you can get the compensation amount. If done in a proper manner, car accident compensation can fetch you the right amount for carrying out car repairs as well as treatment for personal injury, if any.

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