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How to Increase the Credibility of your Ecommerce Website

13th June 2011
By Jacksparrow in Internet Law
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On the Internet, transparency often brings with it trust. The cyber world is a place where credit cards are very often used for scams and crimes, where money is lost every day and where identities are very easily stolen as well. Smart online shoppers are those who are also wary, and those who stay away from conducting business with strangers online. It is very important for customers to find out who is running a company before they buy from them.

Here are a few great ways to increase your website’s credibility. Follow these tips and you’ll soon find more and more customers trusting you:

  1. Be as transparent as possible: On the Internet, the very concept of transparency means being extremely clear about who you are, what your motives are and what are your goals. It is especially important if you have an ecommerce site. Your customers will want to know who you are, whether you are reliable and not just someone who is using the site for fraudulent purposes. Start an “About Us” page and write about yourself or the people behind the business, the company background, include a few pictures, and add a video.
  2. Start a Blog: Start and publish a blog and show your customers that you are committed to work. It is also a great way to show them who you really are, and that you are a living, thinking human being. Make sure you regularly update your content and encourage your customers to comment on your blog, while you reply to them.
  3. Use an authentic SSL Certificate: These certificates are inexpensive and are easy to get. Make sure that your checkout pages do not have content that is not loaded properly.
  4. Phone Number, Email Address and Live Chat: Make it easy for your customers to contact anyhow they want to. Put up a toll free phone number on all your web pages and make sure you answer all your calls during working hours. If you cannot answer it, then send all calls to your voice mail and return these calls immediately. Use a live chat service to interact with your customers.
  5. Display Client Testimonials: Gather as many client testimonials as possible and put them up on your site. Never make up testimonials, as your viewers can spot the fake ones very easily.
  6. After the sale: Once the sale has been completed, make sure you follow up on your promises and thank your customers for doing business with you. When a customer orders from your store for the first time, he or she will either solidify or demolish your credibility based on what he perceives from your services. So, make sure you provide your customers with a great shopping experience and good prices and you will find them returning for more. And if at all you do make a mistake, always explain why you did it, apologize for it and then proceed to make amends.

Follow these tips, and you’ll find your website’s credibility growing slowly yet steadily!

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