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Are You Targeting On Designing A Cool Website Design

08th June 2011
By Methew Gilcrist in Internet Law
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An effective website seeks for credibility, beauty and authenticity, There was a research which stated that only 42% of user find there searched result for a website to the point. Rest of the left 58% user doesn’t find it credible. On this consequence how can you accept that your consumer will changes into potential customers? Usability is very important aspect if you want your user to return.

What People Want from Web Sites?

There are different schools of people who think differently some says graphics play vital role in designing a website other group think that graphics makes the site least effective. Now it has became the topic of debate but when come credible information from professional web designers London you will find totally different answers. People in general find animation annoying, the reason is download time. Users of internet are fast and furious they never like their valuable time getting wasted in downloading site. And if there are many sites in the queue why will they wait for yours.

Next Come the White Space

When probing for information, users only want information. He will never go for fancy website. So keep the knot, how much beautiful is your site, until and unless you have apt and credible information, all is in vain.

Keep in mind the rule of design In fact, "the more white space”, make the site more complicated, over-detailed, visually confusing, not clear, and too enticing." So ask your London web designers to make your site that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Content and navigation two term with the same skill

A very common site format was popular once known as "Shell Site". In these types of site first navigation was set, later content were stuffed into the pages called shell. However this practice soon took back seat as it was not user friendly. People find it difficult as navigation shell was discarded as an information source.

What you and your Web designer do?

• Very first step start with testing your site usability with your users, they will suggest you, work upon their suggestion and ask your web design London to give you something user friendly.

• Then comes content, a very popular saying “content is king”. It is very true ask, your writer to give something very effective that your reader find worth reading.

• Easy navigation gives website viewer a very simple interface, when they will get things without much effort they will love coming on your website. Keep your web page bound with interior page links.

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