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The advantages and disadvantges of the no win no fee claim

10th June 2011
By anton in No Win No Fee
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No win no fee compensations claims…

The no win no fee compensation claim has existed for a number of years know and has opened the doors for a great number of individuals in society to receive the compensation that they are en titled to through careless behaviour by other parties. Well before you contemplate about entering a no win no fee agreement it is vital just to know what is exactly implicated in the procedure. There are lots of advantages and negatives to the processes which I will mention in this article it is beneficial to you to read through the full article so you are well informed on what is concerned and the pitfalls and good points that are associated with the no win no fee compensation claim.

The advantages …

A common plus of a no win no fee compensation claim is the point that you will not lose any cash if you lose the case against the other party. This is routinely achieved by use of an insurance also known as “after the event” insurance…

The no win no fee claim is most useful for many of us who do not have the capital backing to fight a legal case. This sort of claim has enabled many people in society to obtain justice for their accidents or expenses…

The law firm that you employ to fight your case for you will work effortlessly to win the claim as it in there interest to win for monetary gains for the law firm…

If your case is successful then the fees are paid for by the loosing or third party so you will not have to cover the expenses..

The disadvantages…

it is not always guaranteed to find a solicitor to fight your case especially if the claim is a especially very difficult to win one. Solicitors are less likely to put their time and money on the line for a case which they might lose…

If the claim is not successful then you would possibly be eligible to pay the expenses of the other party and the court costs if you have not taken out any insurance.

Your lawyer or legal representative will run the case as they want, now this may not be to your liking but as it is the law practice or solicitor that will lose in terms of time and cash if the claim is unsuccessful, so they will proceed with your claim the way that they want to if you disagree with it or not.

You will find benefits and negative aspects to using a no win no fee agreement, if your claim is solid with a high possibility of winning then it is advisable to use the services of a lawyer to represent your claim as he or she is familiar with the ins and outs of the legal system. Trying to fight your claim on your own is not advisable even if you have a stable case as you can trip yourself up on a straightforward legal technicality and inevitably waver the right for the compensation that you are eligible to receive. I hope this piece of writing has shed a bit of light on the no win no fee process and has made clear the pluses and downsides of the no win no fee claim. Another superb piece of advice is to investigate the success rate of the law practice that you propose to use for you court case. Law firms are at the end of the day only people and there are good and not so good legal professionals out there as it is with all professions so do a little investigation before you decide on a company to use.

This article was written by Anton Allen, if you would like to look at more information on no win no fee please feel free to visit our site No win no fee UK for more of an insight in to the legal process encompassing this variety of compensation claim. Or view our no win no fee web log to read through the latest publications posted.
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