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The procedure in Offshore Company Registration

14th December 2010
By rikvinshore in Business Law
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It is advisable to determine the personal circumstances in planning for an investment projects and business offshore. Considering if ones investment projects and business suit a certain offshore framework is vital. Once the related laws and rules of the offshore jurisdiction has been understood, it is vital for one to register your offshore company.

The one who usually do the preparation and filing of the offshore company registration is a Registered Agent. Therefore, it is expedient for one to hire an expert Registered Agent in the preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Association on your lieu.

The Memorandum:

While creating the Memorandum, your Registered Agent will prepare the basic structure of your offshore company. The above mentioned consist of the name and the purposes of the company, the amount of authorized capital, every detail of the shares that you will be issuing, the denomination and the par capita value of the shares. Also, it is important to include classes and the rights attached with your company's shares. It is also the responsibility of the Registered Agent to include any other relevant information that can affect the existence of your offshore company.

The Articles of Association:

The governance of the relation between the various members of offshore company to a great extent is the Articles of Association. Therefore, the aforementioned plays a vital part of your offshore company registration. The Articles of Association is dealing basically with the procedures in which one is calling meetings of shareholders and transferring shares. These articles will also determine the passing resolutions as well as the restrictions in terms of transferring the shares. The Registered Agent will be responsible in explaining the details of various powers of the directors and shareholder as well as regulations on those powers in the Articles of Association. In general, the Articles of Association of your offshore company will serve as a rulebook.

Changing the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association can be done once the company is registered. The only thing you need to do is submit the directors and shareholders resolutions. The Registrar of Companies is generally issues the Certificate of Incorporation after the Registered Agent files the Memorandum and Articles of Association. The necessary information contained in a Certificate of Incorporation are the name of your offshore company along with the date of its incorporation and Company Number.

Being a legal evidence of your company's existence is actually what the Certificate of Incorporation is all about. Once the formalities are done it normally takes between 24 hours and seven days to register a company offshore. Finally, the range of time is also dependent on the type of offshore jurisdiction.

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