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How To Trump Any Competitor Any Time.

06th December 2010
By chetholmes in Business Law
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How would you like to attract your buyers before they’re even thinking about buying? Then, once you have their attention, lead them through a logical flow that motivates them to buy, buy now and buy your product, even at a higher price than any of your competitors?

This is a science called: “Setting the market’s buying criteria.” If you’re the one that sets up criteria for a product or service, your product or service will be the logical choice.

Example: Say you’re a real estate salesperson. The best way to make money in real estate is to have as many listing as possible. IF you have more listings than anyone else, you’ll sell more houses than anyone else.

Let’s establish a few more concepts.

Market data is way more effective than product data. If you’re thinking of selling your home, most real estate professionals will come into your home and basically try to tell you why their company is better than their competitors. The problem with this approach is that all real estate companies are basically equal. They all can put you in the multiple listing service and they can all advertise you in the local paper, put you online and do open houses. This more tactical approach is how most real estate professionals sell as they simply try to show why they can do these same things better than someone else. The other problem with this approach is that when someone is going to sell their house, you’re now dealing with a snake pit of competitive fighting.

The better strategy:
Get in front of the client before any competitor can even get on the scene. One broker learned and implemented this strategy outlined in this article and became the number one listing agent in their county by a wide margin.

The process:
Step 1: You offer a “Free education on maximizing your real estate assets.” This is sent out to homeowners in your area. An example of the education is as follows:

a.Learn how to maximize your real estate asset, perhaps the greatest asset most of us will own.
b.If you were thinking of selling in the next year or two, what you’d better know right now.
c.The five biggest mistakes everyone makes with home ownership.

Anyone who is even considering selling is prompted to look into this. If they are CURRENTLY looking to sell, they will REALLY respond to something like this.

Important concept:
When you try to sell, you break rapport. No one wants to be “sold.” But when you “Educate,” you BUILD rapport. You build respect, trust, influence, all key ingredients to making a sale.

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