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What is Share Transfer or Stock Transfer Form?

06th March 2012
What is stock transfer form? Share can be sold or given away unless the company has prohibited the right of transfer of shares in its articles of association or shareholders have entered into a contract (shareholder agreement) not to transfer a share. To...
Author: Herry Taylor
Business Law

Company Formations UK

16th August 2011
The establishment of business enterprise faces many hurdles on their path to formation. Recognize your specific needs to start a business or company. Whenever you start a business it is important to select the right niche. A niche, especially that is of y...
Author: Max Green
Business Law

Singapore incorporate company setup with Singapore incorporation specialist

22nd March 2011
These days opening up a foreign business incorporative is one of the most profitable option for a foreign entrepreneur these days. In fact the point is that being a foreign entrepreneur you are free to incorporate and operate a Singapore company for bette...
Author: Jay Mantarvadi
Business Law

What is Pte. Ltd. in Singapore company means

07th January 2011
Singapore uses Pte. Ltd., meaning "private limited". A private limited is the most common type of company to be incorporated in Singapore. It is a type of private company limited by shares and registered with Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (A...
Author: Shayne
Business Law

The procedure in Offshore Company Registration

14th December 2010
It is advisable to determine the personal circumstances in planning for an investment projects and business offshore. Considering if ones investment projects and business suit a certain offshore framework is vital. Once the related laws and rules of the o...
Author: rikvinshore
Business Law

Formation of a limited company online…

26th November 2010
Process of incorporating a business is nothing but a ‘Company Formation’, and it is also referred as ‘Company Registration’ sometimes. Under the company law enacted, the company has a separate legal entity to the people who own or operate it. Today eve...
Author: YLC
Business Law

Singapore Company Formation: What You Should Know

25th October 2010
To establish a company in Singapore, the employer must meet certain strict compliance issues and procedures that are used in the Singapore Companies Act raised. Meanwhile, the main provisions of which must be complied with legal persons and entrepreneu...
Author: daniel yio
Business Law

Business Registration Tips

13th September 2010
The year 2009 saw 233,770 business registrations in the UK. The company formation statistics, according to Companies House, shows the establishment of 162,329 companies by May 2010 (as mentioned in The reasons why entrepreneurs ...
Author: quinlanmurray

A and B Shares (Multiple Share Classes): Positives and Negatives

09th September 2010
There are several advantages to creating A and B shares in your company. One is that you get complete control over the amount and timing of dividend payments to shareholders. You can also independently establish the rights of each class of shareholder: yo...
Author: James Quinn
Business Law

Corporate Law, Corporate Constitution And Corporate Litigation

13th April 2010
Corporate law is the set of regulations instigated for the corporate world. The word corporation is synonymous with publicly owned large companies. In US, a company is equivalent to a firm or business, irrespective of whether or not it is a separate legal...
Author: Robert Bell

NGO formation-formation of a non-profit organization

25th November 2009
A Non Governmental Organization (NGO) is an association of a body of individuals with a non-profit motive. An association of persons with non-profit motive i.e. NGO formation can be done under some Indian Acts. NGO formation can be done as charitable trus...
Author: chaman goyal
Business Law

Company formations service, Wisteria Formations launches, helping business dreams become a reality

18th June 2009
Wisteria has launched Wisteria Formations, a brand new and innovative Company Formation site!The new site, offers a simple and straight forward company incorporation service which guides the user through the process of ...
Author: moviesplanet