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The Finalization of the Divorce and the House Assignment

21st March 2011
By Christy in Divorce
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One of the most difficult parts of a divorce is the house. Many couples have grown to love their homes, especially the women, because they have put so much love into the decorating. For many women the most substantial bitterness of the divorce is in the house: they are losing a place that is their security and holds many memories including those of the children. When the divorce is final and the house needs to be sold, it is also very traumatic for the children. Even if the children are grown it can be traumatic because they see the loss of their childhood home—this can cause them to harbor bitterness against the person they believe to be the cause of the divorce and loss of the house.

There is no easy way to make a decision in a divorce about the house, but when couples fight about who gets the house and cannot come to a mutual agreement it is even more difficult. The difficulty lies not just with the couple who is getting a divorce, the house, and the distribution of other assets but it affects their family and friends as well.

Working with your divorce attorney can make the divorce and house assignment much easier on everyone. That doesn’t mean the situation will be perfect, but you will be able to discuss the divorce and house assignment calmly with your lawyer instead of fighting with your ex-spouse over who should get the house. In a divorce the house tends to be cause the most tension and even spreads out to other family members and friends—let your divorce lawyer handle the negotiations on your behalf and trust him or her to make the decision that is best for you and your children.


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