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Hiring the Best Divorce Lawyer Requires Research

21st March 2011
By Christy in Divorce
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One of the most important things to remember about hiring a divorce lawyer is to make sure you know the credentials of the divorce lawyer you choose. This means you must make a decision that is based solely on the lawyer’s credentials and not for any other reason. Choosing a divorce lawyer without doing some investigative work guarantees an inequitable outcome and unhappiness for at least one of the parties to the divorce.

One of the most important things to seek in a divorce lawyer is experience and expertise. This means choosing a divorce lawyer from among those who are experienced in family law and not just a general practitioner who may handle divorce cases among other cases. You also want to avoid choosing a divorce lawyer based solely on the recommendation of someone else. While recommendations are important, you also want to verify any information you have on any divorce lawyer before you make a final decision. Most importantly, do not choose a divorce lawyer based on price alone.

During the research phase of your investigation, some of the things you want to seek including the following:

* Credentials up to and including certifications, awards and school
* Expertise
* Experience handling divorce cases
* Length of time in practice
* Personal recommendations
* Fee structure in comparison with the rest of the industry

Researching a divorce lawyer may seem like a lot of extra work especially when you are not likely to be happy about seeing your marriage end, but it is an important part of the selection process. If you are on the receiving end—meaning you are the “wronged” party—having a divorce lawyer with a great deal of experience is likely to help you obtain a more reasonable and equitable settlement from your ex-spouse. Hiring a divorce lawyer from a large firm is not always the answer to your dilemma but will certainly provide some prestige in the courtroom provided you choose a partner with expertise in all aspects of family law.


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