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The Importance of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

21st March 2011
By Christy in Divorce
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With the current cost of hiring a divorce lawyer, many couples are looking toward the do-it-yourself divorce. The key issue is whether this method is actually in the best interests of the divorcing parties. While saving money is certainly a key factor in a divorce, there are many advantages to choosing a divorce lawyer especially when there is the need to file ancillaries such as division of property, child support, alimony and distribution of debts. In most states a divorcing couple must hire a divorce lawyer except in cases where there are no children or property involved.

What can a divorce lawyer do that the couple cannot manage on their own? While it may be possible for a couple to prepare and file their own divorce papers and thus avoid the expense of a divorce lawyer, there is always the possibility they may agree on less than an equitable distribution and would end up back in court at a later date. Some of the things a divorce lawyer is in a better position to negotiate include the following:

* Equity in the marital home
* Assignment of the deed to the marital home
* Child support
* Visitation
* Alimony or spousal support
* Continuance of health insurance for the spouse and children
* Division of monetary assets and tangible property
* Assumption of debts

While it may be expensive to hire a divorce lawyer, it is certainly money well spent. Hiring a divorce lawyer will guarantee that each party receives what they are legally entitled to, something most individuals are unable to ascertain. In addition, you donít have to attempt negotiation with your ex-spouse; each divorce lawyer will negotiate on behalf of his or her client and will do so under the statutes of the law.


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