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Estate Planning

Basic Estate Planning

16th August 2011
It is not an issue of how big or small your net worth is, the important thing is to have estate planning done and ready for when the time comes. This will make sure that whatever you wish for your assets are ultimately carried out and whoever you left it ...
Author: Steffan Sims
Family Law

Iconic Chart Shows Biggest Devaluation of Our Generation

28th April 2011
You own a company and you have one customer that accounts for 25% of your sales. Your customer is in another country and pays you in currency from his country. Unfortunately, you have a few other customers who also pay in that currency. As the years go...
Author: profitconfidential

The Finalization of the Divorce and the House Assignment

21st March 2011
One of the most difficult parts of a divorce is the house. Many couples have grown to love their homes, especially the women, because they have put so much love into the decorating. For many women the most substantial bitterness of the divorce is in the h...
Author: Christy

What Happens to the House in a Divorce

21st March 2011
Next to the children, the division of property is probably the most important part of the divorce proceedings. This is especially true when there is ownership of a house before the divorce proceedings are begun. There are several options open to couples w...
Author: Christy

Choosing the Easy Way Out in Divorce: Assets Assignment by Mutual Agreement

21st March 2011
Divorce is a very difficult thing to endure, but it can be easier if the couple takes certain steps to help them through the process. Unfortunately this doesnít often happen because there is usually only one party that wants the divorce in the first place...
Author: Christy
Business Law

Increase Your Chances for Successful Mortgage Modification

07th February 2011
Are you in need to mortgage modification? Than take benefits of the loan modification companies that are available online to help you save your home and avoid foreclosure before it is too late.Mortgage modification is a permanent modification in one or mo...
Author: Refinance Mortgage

How the Little Things Can Add Up to Big Tax Savings

14th January 2011
The last few weeks I've been sharing how to create habits that enable you to use your taxes to build your wealth. Here are the habits I have shared so far: Habit #1: Avoiding tax advice that is for the general population Habit #2: View every day...
Author: Tom Wheelwright

The Factors in a Divorce Settlement

11th January 2011
Divorce can be a stressful process with many issues needing to be resolved. Of course, some are more complex than other. If the couple have children together and own property the process of deciding who is entitled to what can be long and drawn out, where...
Author: amnorge

Internal Rate of Return: Understanding the Difference Between IRR, MIRR and FMRR

17th November 2010
Internal rate of return (IRR), modified internal rate of return (MIRR), and financial management rate of return (FMRR) are three returns used to measure the profitability of investment property. Each method arrives at a percentage rate based upon an initi...
Author: James Kobzeff

Tax Reduction Affected by Cost Segregation

03rd November 2010
Tax reduction is just one of the benefits of cost segregation. Many real estate owners and tax preparers believe cost segregation simply defers payment of taxes. While they recognize it effectively generates an interest-free loan from the government, they...
Author: Pat O Connor
Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy- The Process Involved

19th October 2010
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is more of a liquidation that involves a debtorís non- exempt or non-excusable assets. These can be sold by the trustee to pay back the creditors as per the priorities that are established within the chapterís code. The eligibility of...
Author: Jay King
Real Estate Law

The Pending Real Estate Litigation Standard in Arizona

21st July 2010
When filing a lawsuit for specific performance for the sale of a home or other real property contract, buyers often employ the standard legal tactic of contemporaneously recording a notice of lis pendens (lis pendens is Latin for "pending litigation") wit...
Author: Christopher
Personal Injury

How To Have The Best Chance Of Winning Your Chicago Personal Injury Case

25th June 2010
If you are thinking about initiating a Chicago personal injury case, the key to getting a successful outcome is to hire the right Illinois attorney. The right Illinois attorney will have the experience, skills and drive to work with you in order to get yo...

Divorce: If You're Not Fighting, You May Be Able To Represent Yourself

29th April 2010
Copyright (c) 2010 Lucille Uttermohlen You want to get divorced, and you're not sure how to go about it. You can hire a divorce lawyer, or try to do it yourself. Many people are ending their own marriages these days. Still, there are some things you...
Author: Lucille P. Uttermohlen
Real Estate Law


08th April 2010
Use of a bill of sale allows parties to transfer personal property, or stuff, to other parties. Because states have exacting rules governing the transfer of real property, or land, this document is not appropriate for transferring real property, also know...
Author: James Kahn
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