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Immigration Law

Green Card Renewal - Guidebook and Suggestions

17th May 2011
All recent green cards have a date on them when they need to be renewed. It is really essential to make sure that you renew your green card before the expiration date. A great notion is to mark the date on the calendar that your card expires. Some individ...
Author: tierra
Immigration Law

ABC's John Quinones Goes Undercover Towards Arizona Immigration Law

04th March 2011
Just like any immigration lawyer, journalists also appear to be prepared to get a stand on challenges pertaining to immigration laws and their approval. The state of Arizona has generally had difficulty with illegal immigrants and in buy to offer with the...
Author: Terry Wong

Do Speeding Tickets Cross State Lines?

22nd June 2010
Copyright (c) 2010 James Parrish Say you traveled to another state for your Memorial Day vacation, and received a ticket for speeding or other moving traffic violation. Does it follow you back to your home state? The quick and dirty answer is a reso...
Author: Jim Parrish
No Win No Fee

Is Success Possible ln The Prepaid Legal Business Opportunity?

23rd November 2009
General Information: Prepaid legal services refer to individual or group employee benefit legal plan in which a member pays a monthly fee in exchange for access to a range of legal services on-call. Prepaid legal plans typically offer certain services ...
Author: Lawren Smith
Criminal Law

Just Say No to Unnecessary Vehicle Searches

27th October 2009
If you have ever been pulled over for a moving violation, there is a good chance you have been subject to a search of your vehicle. Most people get through these searches and take their ticket from the officer. Some others, well, they aren't so lucky. ...
Author: Ben Stone