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Is Success Possible ln The Prepaid Legal Business Opportunity?

23rd November 2009
By Lawren Smith in No Win No Fee
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General Information:

Prepaid legal services refer to individual or group employee benefit legal plan in which a member pays a monthly fee in exchange for access to a range of legal services on-call. Prepaid legal plans typically offer certain services for a fixed monthly charges; such as, legal advice and consultation, review of contracts, having a lawyer write a letter on a client's behalf or the drafting of wills and other legal documents. Legal service plans may also cover legal representation in court; such as, traffic violation defense, automobile related criminal charges, defense and general trail defense, and the filing of motions. But, most plans require a client to pay extra for such services or cover a limited number of hours in court time.

Prepaid Legal Opportunity: To get started in Pre-Paid Legal, it costs $49.00 and you must fill out an application to enroll. What you receive are the following:

- Sales aids & materials to help you get started
- Certified Field Training
- Support from those on your team
- Home office support via the Marketing Services Team
- Access to a wide range of marketing supplies
- Online Associate Services, including communications and business documents.

As a Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associate, your primary responsibility is to educate and explain the various services offered by Pre-Paid Legal.

First, there are 6 levels. Jr. Associate, Associate, Sr. Associate, Manager, Director, and Executive Director.

To reach the level of Executive, you must have 3 legs beneath you with an active Director and 75 sales. You may count personal sales and up to 25 sales per leg containing an active Director or personally sell 75 memberships per month.

3 Ways To Make Money:

1. Market a Prepaid membership.

- Individual memberships - Legal Plans & Identity Theft Shield
- Employee Benefit Memberships
- Specialty Plan Memberships Legal Shield Rider, Business Plan, Home-Based Business Rider, Commercial Drivers Legal Plan, Law Officers Legal Plan

2. Receive override commissions when others in your organization enroll new Pre-Paid Legal Members and train new Associates.

3. Receive residual compensation on your personal and organizational membership sales.

Pre-Paid Legal Services:

lf you are not interested in the business opportunity offered by Pre-Paid Legal, you can use the services.

How It Works:

Members are served by a Provider Law Firm, which has been carefully screened and selected by Pre-Paid Legal.

If you have a legal issue, you simply use the Life Events Legal Plan, you call your Provider Law Firm directly at the toll-free number on their membership card when they have a legal question or problem.

Life Events Legal Plan: This is a plan that members use to access professional legal counsel by calling a toll-free phone number.

Cost: The cost for one year membership of Pre-Paid Legal is about $26.00 or less per month.

The Identity Theft Shield is $9.95 per month if you have a Pre-Paid Legal membership or $12.95 per month if you prefer to enroll in the identity Theft Shield without the legal service plan benefits.

Pre-Paid Legal Compensation Plan: As a Independent Associate you are paid anywhere from $50 - $182.00 on every $26 membership you sell.

At Senior Associate level, this means that if you market just 5 memberships per week, you receive $500 per week.

The breakdown goes as follows:

Jr. Associate: $25.00
Associate: $50.00
Sr. Associate: $100.00
Manager: $125.00
Director: $150.00
Executive Director: $1 82.50

There are Daily Payments where you are paid commissions, bonuses, and overrides. All payments are direct deposited to you every day.

There is also available Advance Commissions. This is when on a $26 membership sale, you are paid up to a total of $245.50.

For more detailed information on the Compensation Plan:

Prepaid Legal Training: Prepaid Legal Independent Associates are trained by a Certified Field Training program which offers a "hands on" experience in learning how to present the opportunity and services of Pre-Paid Legal.

A number of marketing options are available. They include:
1. Showing the Pre-Paid Legal plan.
2. Signing up new members.
3. Sending the enrollment to corporate for processing.
4. You get paid.

When the membership information is received, commissions are deposited into your bank account.

ls Pre-Paid Legal The Opportunity For You?

Because the business model implemented is that of a multi-level marketing company means that in order to generate a lucrative income is going to require you to recruit a large number of people and make lots of sales per month. This means it is going to require a lot of work. There are good times and bad times in any business. Question you should ask yourself is "Are you serious about starting a business?". lf no, then I say wait until you are ready. lf yes, then there are other things you need to consider before moving forward with any opportunity like Pre-Paid Legal.

First, select a home-based business that fits your interests and talents. Examine what you want in a business. Also note that in selecting a business opportunity, look for one that has a number of years beneath its belt. Launches can be risky. More businesses fail than succeed and this is because MLM and network marketing is a competitive arena. Many find that they just cannot compete.

Also, most home businesses have three qualities: time management and money, continual income, and steady growth that multiplies. By managing your time effectively, you can reap the benefits from your efforts.

Starting a business part-time, as many do, is a wise decision. Don't go full time until you know you are ready.

Lastly, skills, in particular marketing skills are extremely important. So, once you make the decision to move forward with a business opportunity, be sure to immediately look for training that will give an advantage to building a successful business. You can choose to market your business using offline methods. Most MLM's do offer this kind of training. You also have the choice to use the internet to market your business. Most MLM's don't offer this, but you can look for online training resources on the internet. They are usually referred to as marketing systems or online training systems.

Most marketing systems will not only train you on how to use the internet to build your business, but they also will give you the ability to earn an income while you are developing your marketing skills. The income generated can be used to pay for your marketing so you don't go broke.

ln conclusion, whatever decision you make, be sure that you take your business seriously. Don't make the mistake of treating your business like it is a job. The two are very different. (This subject is for another article.) As you move forward on your decision to start a business, you must also be sure that you are ready to learn new information about business and marketing and you are ready to work. After all, this is a business.

While you are engaged in the various aspects of your business, be prepared to fail, but don't fear failing. Failing is one way serious entrepreneurs learn the most and grow the most. lt has happened to just about every entrepreneur at one time or another. lt is just the nature of the beast of being a business owner. lt is through our mistakes and failures that ultimately leads us to our triumphs and successes. Just keep this in mind as you endure the struggles of the business building process.

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