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Internet Law

Internet rules and regulations can put a check on illegal data

05th April 2011
With the growing network of the World Wide Web, there is a strong need of internet rules and regulations that can put a check on illegal data. The laws and regulations are helpful in forestalling destructions to a person’s privacy and important data. ...
Author: dwsvishal
Internet Law

Top Tips To Help You Avoid Identity Theft By James Varga, founder of miiCard

30th March 2011
As the world of financial transactions is increasingly shifted online, more and more financial matters can be taken care of from the comfort of your double bed with a laptop and a wireless connection. Whether you need to pick up an extra quart of milk or ...
Author: Hot Tin Roof
Copyright & Trademark

Necessary elements of a document destruction policy

15th February 2011
A policy is the set of underlying governing rules which have to be adhered to by the people belonging to a particular organization in its working. The policies are made by the governments as well as the private organizations. The policies set out the broa...
Author: Grace Records
Immigration Law

• Green Card Replacement Application Kit

07th February 2011
Occasionally a Green Card is never received even though the replacement or renewal application was approved and the Green Card was issued by the USCIS. There are several possible reasons why an individual has not received their Green Card, including error...
Author: Willan Read

Identity Theft Causes Several Types Of Problems

07th May 2010
Identity theft has the potential to cause problems to just about everyone. Criminals understand how to obtain personal information to steal money. Often, identity theft isn't immediately noticed by the victim until other problems surface. Basically, there...
Author: lisa lucero
Criminal Law

Identity Theft Protection - Getting the Right Protection

27th April 2010
Shocking statistics are clearly showing that identity theft is on the rise. This crime affected almost 10,000,000 victims in 2008. And this is a 22% increase from the previous year. And 71% of id fraud happens within the week of a persons personal data ...
Author: B. Carson
Criminal Law

Learning About Identity Theft Prevention

07th April 2010
It seems that nothing in this world is safe anymore as more and more people understand the need for identity theft prevention. Most people go about this through credit monitoring but some people find that more drastic steps need to be taken. In order to t...
Author: lisa lucero
Criminal Law

Stolen Identity Can Cause Damage In Many Ways

31st March 2010
There are many different ways a stolen identity can benefit the thief while at the same time wreaking havoc on the victim's life. While the most common may be ruining their credit history by using the stolen identity to open charge accounts without any in...
Author: lisa lucero
Criminal Law

Identity Theft Prevention Is Your Optimum Potential Protection

26th March 2010
Identity theft prevention is achievable with a few common-sense steps that would be able to thwart the best efforts of the would-be thief. You must be aware that identify theft is possible both online and offline with the help of little clues that you lea...
Author: lisa lucero
Criminal Law

Comprehending Bank Identity Theft

19th March 2010
Whether you have a hundred dollars in the bank or a thousand dollars in the bank, there is nothing worse then an identity scam that drains your bank account of its funds. Bank identity theft is nothing new in crime but the trend seems to be growing at an ...
Author: lisa lucero
Internet Law

Id Theft Protection Reviews

15th March 2010
With the way the world is, it is completely up to you to make sure that you have some sort of id theft protection plan in place. Whether this is something you are going to do and monitor yourself or you plan on hiring an identity theft resource center to ...
Author: lisa lucero

Why Is Identity Theft Such a Big Problem?

14th November 2009
Why is it that ten million people in the U.S. alone are victimized by identity theft each year? It seems like the more obsessed with security our society becomes, the less secure we actually make ourselves. It is a great irony that in the days when your i...
Author: ChuckLin1

5 Types of Theft Sentencing for Theft Crimes

09th August 2009
Are you familiar with the sentencing of theft crimes? There are a variety of theft crimes out there from fraud to embezzlement, robbery, identity theft, and etc. There are many different types of theft sentencing for these theft crimes also.To begin with,...
Author: Romel Whiteside

7 Types of Identity Theft Penalties

05th August 2009
Do you want to know more about theft penalties? Whenever a theft crime is committed, theft penalties for the crime, varies depending on where you live. Also, different states and jurisdictions have their own laws for theft crimes. It also depends on wheth...
Author: Romel Whiteside

IRS “Summertime Tax Tips” and the Alternative Minimum Tax

19th July 2009
In Information Release 2009-64, issued last week, the Internal Revenue Service announced that is publishing a series of periodic "summertime tax tips." The stated purpose behind issuing these tips is to provide useful and concise advice on topics that af...
Author: kinal
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