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Internet rules and regulations can put a check on illegal data

05th April 2011
By dwsvishal in Internet Law
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With the growing network of the World Wide Web, there is a strong need of internet rules and regulations that can put a check on illegal data. The laws and regulations are helpful in forestalling destructions to a person’s privacy and important data.

Ever since 1990s, there has been a dramatic increase in the traffic on the internet. This has caused serious concerns about how to prevent a number of illegal practices over the internet, related to the online usage, such as piracy, copyright infringement, identity theft, and minors’ visiting pornographic material.

Though in the US, the law, No Electronic Theft and Digital Millennium Copyright Acts, ensures that there is no illegal data circulated over the internet. In 1997, this Act was passed in the US. It resulted in the setting up of penalties for the people who shared copies of software illegally over the net. The internet rules and regulations were also stern on the people who were involved in code-cracking devices and worked around illegal software encoding and illegal data circulation.

There are many laws and regulations all over the world that have come into existence in accordance to the need of time. Many countries have their own rules and regulations about the usage of the Internet, which are really helpful in preventing illegal data.

There are several reasons due to which the different Internet-based rules and regulations are extremely vital. First of all, the internet rules are absolutely necessary for smooth working over the Internet. The user should not be afraid while working that his data will be stolen and will be circulated as pirated and illegal data. The user should clearly know what to do and whom to contact in such a situation.

There are some key regulations of using the Internet by following which you can put a check on illegal data. They should always destroy the data if it is no longer required. This will prevent the data from coming online and become a part of illegal data. The companies and individuals must delete the hard drives by using the command of format. If you will just select and delete the data from the hard drive, the data will not be permanently deleted and can be recovered by using the data recovery software. A simple delete only destroys the index where the files are written on the disk. As there is no map or index of the data, the hard drive appears empty. The data recovery software can recreate the map or index of the hard drive and a data thief can access the information.

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