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Business Law

What To Know About An LLC Corporation Concepts

23rd November 2009
What to know about an LLC corporation concepts becomes particularly important when establishing a business or when preparing to convert of business over from a sole proprietorship or some other entity. There are benefits to either limited liability compan...
Author: FrankRod
Business Law

Online Company Formations: the Danger of Using Your Home Address as Your Registered Office

11th August 2009
Wisteria Formations, the leading online limited company formations agent in the UK explains why it is important not to use a home address as a registered office when setting up and registering a limited company.London, UK (28/07/09) – Currently over...
Author: moviesplanet
Bankruptcy Law

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

17th June 2009
There is no doubt whatsoever that, however the idea may be sold to some people, going bankrupt is something that terrifies most of us. It is the stigma, as much as anything, that really worries individuals. Indeed, in some jurisdictions it is still common...
Author: mgordon

What Are Discretionary Trusts?

05th June 2009
The number of different kinds of trusts available to someone who wants to protect their assets for their family can be somewhat daunting if you happen to bring up a list of them on Wikipedia or another such site. Although in many cases one type of trust i...
Author: mgordon

Issues with Capitalizing Your New Corporation

26th July 2007
Once you register a corporation in your state, you must go ahead and capitalize it. This raises a host of questions regarding the best way to do it and potential risks of getting it wrong. First things first. Any discussion of capitalization needs a d...
Author: Richard Chapo
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