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Richard Chapo
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Internet Law

Copyrighting For Web Projects

08th February 2011
The world of intellectual property known as copyright and the world wide web have always been two areas that didn’t mesh well. The first brawl was, of course, in the posting and downloading of music online, and that has just spread to other areas. Given t...

Website – He Who Pays For It May Not Own It

07th January 2011
Why do you need a lawyer when dealing with legal issues? For one simple reason – the law often makes no logical sense. A perfect example of this is the issue that comes up when you pay someone else to build a website for you. I want you to consider an...

Issues with Capitalizing Your New Corporation

26th July 2007
Once you register a corporation in your state, you must go ahead and capitalize it. This raises a host of questions regarding the best way to do it and potential risks of getting it wrong. First things first. Any discussion of capitalization needs a d...

Converting from a C Corp to an S Corp

09th January 2007
As you may know, there are two types of corporations for tax and legal purposes. The "C" corporation is a more formal structure than the "S" corporation and taxed differently. Converting from a C Corp to an S Corp When forming a business entity, ma...

Corporate Records – Shareholder Inspections

06th December 2005
You're conducting business as a corporation and various shareholders have kicked in investment money. Can shareholder inspections of corporate records occur? Emotional Attachment With small businesses, emotions can run high. Typically, a person has ...