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Real Estate Law

Guelph Laywers: Should I Retain The Services Of an Estate Planning Lawyer?

15th March 2012
One of the primary concerns a lot of families deal with is if their loved one will need to seek the services of an estate planning lawyer or not. Not only are there a big number of attorneys competent for this particular project, but there are likely many...
Author: henleylaw

General Power of Attorney

16th January 2012
General Power of Attorney The General Power of Attorney is a document that will appoint an attorney to act on your behalf regarding general activities such as personal and/or financial matters. Use of the Term There are significant diffe...
Author: Herry Taylor
Estate Planning

How to Choose Your Estate Planning Attorney

18th March 2010
Planning your estate is something that will eventually touch every part of your life, so you will be discussing everything with your attorney. They'll need to know about medical conditions, family issues, business, insurance, finance and more. It can ...
Author: Johnson

Different Types of Power of Attorney

08th May 2009
Although power of attorney is essentially handing control of your affairs over to another person, there are different uses of the position which vary depending on the situation. These largely depend on the reason behind power of attorney being transferred...
Author: mgordon