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How to Choose Your Estate Planning Attorney

18th March 2010
By Johnson in Estate Planning
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Planning your estate is something that will eventually touch every part of your life, so you will be discussing everything with your attorney. They'll need to know about medical conditions, family issues, business, insurance, finance and more.

It can be hard to tell someone all your details, but remember that lawyers are bound by the attorney-client privilege to keep all of your information confidential.

Getting a will prepared will cost you no less than $100. Even a simple will requires your attorney's time and expertise, so there is always a cost for it. Living trusts and powers of attorney are other things that you might want to discuss with your estate planning attorney.

The first thing you should do when looking for an attorney is to talk to friends, family and co-workers. Getting a personal referral is the best way to finding a trustworthy lawyer.

Remember that estate planning in only one area that an attorney can work in, and not all attorneys do. Personal references are a good place to start, but that doesn't mean you'll find a lawyer with the skills you need. See if your state allows attorney's to formally specialize in one area of law, and look for an attorney with experience in estate planning. Even a well-recommended attorney isn't going to help much if they deal solely in real estate law, for example.

Another option is to use the website to find a compatible attorney for your needs. You can use their short online form to describe your case, and its forwarded to qualified lawyers in your geographical area. Attorneys then can contact you to discuss your needs. The site allows you to see what other clients have said about them, and compare details.

Through email, you can find out their fees and you can negotiate if you wish. From these initial contacts, you can arrange for a phone call or face-to-face meeting. Only then do you have to agree to pay for services if you decide to hire them.

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