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Accident claims

How To Get The Maximum Compensation For Accidents?

02nd October 2009
Accidents are a part of life. But what do you do when a third party has intentionally or unintentionally caused you harm? The most intelligent move is to claim compensation for accidents. The severity as well as the trauma of an accident leaves one physic...
Author: saragray
Family Law

Ten Tips For Changing Your Name

01st June 2009
1. If changing your name after a divorce, it is wise to do this as quickly as possible after the degree absolute is finalized. It will not happen automatically, it is therefore up to you to request a change. This is popular as a way of making a fresh star...
Author: mgordon

Because the IRS Doesn't Like Slackers - Ten Ways to Beat Small Business Tax Procrastination

27th March 2009
Preparing taxes seems complicated but this guide to tax deductions will go a long way in clearing a lot of confusion and putting things in perspective. So if you are among those who procrastinate endlessly to prepare a tax return for your small business, ...
Author: Ron Finkelstein

Sentencing Alternatives: Ignition Interlock Devices

08th June 2006
Sentencing Alternatives: Ignition Interlock Devices When someone is convicted of a DUI, the court may require that a person convicted of a first offense violation of Section 23152 or 23153 to install a certified ignition interlock device on any ve...
Author: Darren Kavinoky
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