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IRS “Summertime Tax Tips” and the Alternative Minimum Tax

19th July 2009
In Information Release 2009-64, issued last week, the Internal Revenue Service announced that is publishing a series of periodic "summertime tax tips." The stated purpose behind issuing these tips is to provide useful and concise advice on topics that af...
Author: kinal

The 3 Big Limitations with Itemized Deductions

18th July 2009
There has been a lot of talk recently about itemized deductions. Itemized deductions are the deductions you can claim for certain personal expenses, such as, taxes, interest, charitable donations and investment expenses. The big discussion right now ce...
Author: Tom Wheelwright

Andorra Outwits G20

30th June 2009
Working and living in an income tax free country is something a lot of people imagine could only be a dream - it would need an efficient government with politicians who didn't see every business and every citizen as a taxable opportunity. Even in the 1...
Author: Roger Munns

The Annual Alternative Minimum Tax “Patch” and “Indexing” Explained

27th June 2009
The Patch Each year for the past several years Congress has "fixed" the AMT problem by enacting a temporary "patch." With the signing of the stimulus bill this past February, 24 million taxpayers who otherwise would have been in the AMT in 2009 are sp...
Author: kinal

Obama and Biden release tax returns – Vice President still stuck in the Alternative Minimum Tax

18th June 2009
Shortly after April 15 President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden released their 2008 income tax returns. What these tax returns showed is that the President is not paying the Alternative Minimum Tax, but that the Vice President is still stuck in...
Author: kinal
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