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Roger Munns
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Andorra Residency In Demand

08th December 2011
In North America, Australia and across Europe business leaders are paying a lot of tax to their respective governments in the form of sales tax, employee pension contributions and if they're doing well taxes on any profits they might make. While they h...

Andorra Cuts Residency Bureaucracy

10th March 2011
Politicans are planning to raise taxes across Europe in their budgets, and many high net worth individuals are considering relocating in 2011 to a more tax friendly environment, and starting to decide which jurisdiction would be most favourable for them a...

Monaco, government, politics, tax, finance

29th September 2009
Motivated businessmen and wealthy millionaires in the past have been faced with a dilemma - save tax by moving to Monaco, famous for its zero per cent tax rate - or stay at home, pay the taxes, and know you're contributing to your country? But that dil...

Andorra Outwits G20

30th June 2009
Working and living in an income tax free country is something a lot of people imagine could only be a dream - it would need an efficient government with politicians who didn't see every business and every citizen as a taxable opportunity. Even in the 1...