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Business Law

Sex Discrimination and Employment

11th May 2011
Whether an employee or prospective employee as a job applicant is claiming sex discrimination on grounds based on their sex like male or female or if they are claiming sex discrimination on the grounds of their sexual orientation or if they have had a gen...
Author: redundancylaw
Immigration Law

How NOT to Ask for Documents

27th January 2011
The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) prohibits employers from asking for more documentation from employees than required.  Hence, the thought process of "if some is good, more is better" can be damaging and result in serious fines and penalties for b...
Author: Ann Allott
Business Law

Top Reasons to Perform Pre Employment Screening

17th January 2011
Employers and organisations, from the little business enterprises to the corporal giant stars, knows the welfares of engaging the best peoples and furnishing a safe, secure and healthy work, both physically and financially, for their employees, clients, s...
Author: dhirajarticles
Criminal Law

Police CRB Checks: An Apt Way to Gather Past Criminal Records

01st April 2010
Before hiring any individual for instance teachers, tutors, school van drivers, sweepers and baby sitters for children or other vulnerable members of society, employers are advised to carry out CRB checks. Thereby, they will be able to provide security to...
Author: Article Manager