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Police CRB Checks: An Apt Way to Gather Past Criminal Records

01st April 2010
By Article Manager in Criminal Law
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Before hiring any individual for instance teachers, tutors, school van drivers, sweepers and baby sitters for children or other vulnerable members of society, employers are advised to carry out CRB checks. Thereby, they will be able to provide security to the children or vulnerable adults. CRB (The Criminal Records Bureau), an Executive Agency of the Home Office, assists employers to make an easy access to the past criminal records of prospective employees whose work will be involved with children and the vulnerable adult in the UK. And the police CRB checks are carried out under the strict supervision of the executive agency of the government body allowing the employers to get the all criminal records against the prospective employees they are planning to recruit.

Know about CRB clearance

CRB clearance is necessary for people working with vulnerable people. Generally, it is demanded by an employer in order to get authenticity of the prospective employee. CRB clearance is offered only after searching the criminal records in the police file and other concerned sources. In fact, the internet is flooded with a number of agencies providing CRB clearance certificate. First of all, they collect your application and submit it to the respective government bodies for issuing certificates. The procedure generally consumes 3 week to get completed.

Enhanced disclosure

Enhanced disclosure comprises of all the information available in police records. In fact, it also clearly defines whether the applicant is on the ISAs Childrens list or Vulnerable Adults list and so that he/she is disqualified to serve the children or vulnerable adults. Prospective employees are advised not to apply for voluntary positions where a CRB check is required.

Applying for police CRB checks

There are a number of agencies available helping you out to perform police CRB check. For it, all you need to do is send the application with the concerned authority that is authorized by the government bodies to accomplish the task. After that the application reaches at the right place for further processing and record matching process. If you require more information, then you can make a simple search through the internet, thus you will come across a number of agencies helping in police CRB check. provides CRB Checks and ISA checking services at competitive prices. We also provide VBS Checks and ISA registration via the Vetting & Barring Scheme (VBS).
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