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Business Law

The Changing Face of Primary Care: An Overview

27th June 2012
The shortage of primary care physicians (PCPs) in the United States has been a well publicized and well documented issue. However, the solutions to the various issues faced by primary care in the country have been obscure even after the implementati...
Author: Andersen Keen
Medical Malpractice

After Patient Tells 3 Physicians About His Symptoms Physicians Do Not Detect Prostate Cancer For Yea

03rd August 2010
Once multiple doctors become involved in the care a patient it can be very important for them to communicate urgent diagnostic results as well as follow-up and treatment suggestions to the patient and other doctors. The need for such communication is not ...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

Doctor Ignores Five Years Of Symptoms And Abnormal Tests Of Patient With Prostate Cancer

23rd June 2010
Prostate cancer is a terrible disease. While not 100% accurate there are diagnostic tests that assist doctors to identify whether a patient has the cancer. However due to the prospect of false negatives (a negative test result even though the patient in r...
Author: J. Hernandez