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A Prescription Drug Lawsuit Is About Much More Than Financial Compensation For The Victims

14th June 2011
When individuals and families discover that a medication they have taken in the past led to a serious medical condition, they wonder if they have grounds for a prescription drug lawsuit. There are those that feel pharmaceutical lawsuits don't have much me...
Author: Roger Design
Personal Injury

San Francisco TBI Lawyers

01st March 2011
Thousands of people lose their lives on the roads each year. But, also thousands more suffer grave brain injuries. Hundreds of babies are born with cerebral palsy annually. Cause, you may ask? Negligence by either the doctor or healthcare facility by fail...
Author: Lorraine Bruz
Medical Malpractice

Why Nurses Might Fail To Notify A Doctor That Baby Suffers From A Placental Abruption

23rd February 2011
There are several types of mistakes medical staff make when faced with an expectant mother experiencing a placental abruption. The reason that an abruption of the placental is so dangerous for the unborn child is that is can greatly lessen the amount of o...
Author: J. Hernandez

Parents Of Stillborn Baby Sue Physician For Malpractice In Use Of Vacuum Extractor During Childbirth

23rd September 2010
Each state has unique laws concerning medical malpractice or wrongful death cases resulting from a stillbirth. In certain states the father has no standing to file a claim, only the mother can file a case. In several states a mother is only able to pursue...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

Physicians And Nurses Pay $4.0 Million Settlement In Lawsuit Regarding Infant With Cerebral Palsy

23rd August 2010
The fetal heart rate monitor provides doctors and nurses with useful data regarding the health of the unborn baby while the mother is in labor. The tracings from the monitor are interpreted for signs that the health of the unborn baby is in danger. Should...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

Doctor And Nurse Settle Legal Action After Letting Fetal Distress Deteriorate And Unborn Child Dies

09th July 2010
Several problems can develop in the course of a pregnancy. One complication that is extremely dangerous and needs prompt action is fetal distress. Fetal distress commonly occurs after the unborn baby's oxygen supply is somehow cut off. Fetal distress is o...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

Trial Of Lawsuit Over Baby's Cerebral Palsy Leads To $15.8 Million Verdict

09th July 2010
Several complications can occur in the late stages of a pregnancy that may put the health of the unborn baby at risk. An umbilical cord compression is an especially significant risk to the unborn child. This problem comes up when excessive pressure is pla...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Claims Infant Sustained Permanent Disability Due To Missed Signs Of Feta

18th June 2010
A planned vaginal childbirth for a pregnant woman who has previously had a C-section ought to consider that this puts the pregnant mother at risk of a ruptured uterus. When this happens the unborn child's precious oxygen , which is generally obtained thro...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

$4,000,000 Settlement Reached Over Error By Doctors And Nurses That Led to Infant's Cerebral Palsy

10th June 2010
The fetal heart rate monitor provides doctors and nurses with valuable information regarding the health of the unborn baby while the mother is in labor. The information from the monitor is used to track whether the baby is doing well or is in fetal distre...
Author: J. Hernandez

Protect Your Welfare With A Beneficiary Trust.

25th November 2009
If you consider protecting your wealth, take into account creating a beneficiary trust. This trust is an irrevocable process since you agree to give up control over your welfare in your beneficiary's behalf. A beneficiary can be anyone you wish. This pers...
Author: Klik Sail