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Protect Your Welfare With A Beneficiary Trust.

25th November 2009
By Klik Sail in Trusts
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If you consider protecting your wealth, take into account creating a beneficiary trust. This trust is an irrevocable process since you agree to give up control over your welfare in your beneficiary's behalf. A beneficiary can be anyone you wish. This person will have the right to take benefit of the trust you settle.

The beneficiaries can be the owner's children, grandchildren or his/her spouse. Also the grantor can establish as a beneficiary an organisation. In most cases the grantor leaves his/hers welfare to his /hers children, in order to assure them a wealthy life. Also the grantor can establish a beneficiary trust for his/hers unborn child if he/she wishes, or he/she can transfer his/hers estate to a minor also.

Seek for a living trust attorney to ask his/her advise regarding the welfare's protection. He/ She should tell you what steps you have to take and also draw you the difference between fixed beneficiaries and discretionary beneficiaries.

In the living trust attorneys' opinion, the fixed beneficiaries have the right to a certain amount of the wealth while the discretionary beneficiaries are those for whom the grantor decides when and how they can take benefit of the wealth's proceeds.

Also the living trust attorneys describe the first category as being the actually owners of the policy, therefore it can't be revocable. The discretionary beneficiaries on the other hand, are subject to the owner's wishes as he/she is able to control when and how they are entitled to the trust.

A beneficiary trust is very important as it could offer the possibility to avoid some taxes. Some people choose such a trust as they use it to preserve their estates. While setting it, some taxes may be paid since the trust is considered to be the owner, even if the grantor transfers his/hers belongings.

The trust's belongings can also be transferred from a generation to another, and the beneficiaries can decide whether thy want to transfer it to a third person and so on.

The beneficiary trust is a good thing for all of you who dream to protect your wealth in order to be transferred to your children, grandchildren or even to any other relatives. All are your beneficiaries and they will have the legal right to use the trust in their best interest, to use it in charitable way or any other activities. They may choose to use it for their education or simply for a wealthy life.

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