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Internet Law

Microsoft and Apple 'app store' dispute

04th May 2011
Microsoft is contesting Apple's attempt to trademark the name 'App Store', claiming that the name is too generic. In 2008 Apple applied to trademark this name for its iPhone, iPad and Mac download services. However, Microsoft has asked the US Patent a...
Author: Shireen Smith
Immigration Law

How to Initiate a USCIS Change of Address

09th February 2011
If you have a pending case with the U.S citizenship and immigration services or just want to move residence it's necessary that you report these changes to the USCIS. This will guarantee that you receive important notices and updates on your application.B...
Author: Martin Valence
Immigration Law

How can I check my USCIS Immigration Case Status?

09th April 2010
The United States government provides the required information about the status of your case. In some cases this information helps you to provide any necessary additional documents and find out the necessary steps to complete your application. To comply w...
Author: Rachel Immig