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How to Initiate a USCIS Change of Address

09th February 2011
By Martin Valence in Immigration Law
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If you have a pending case with the U.S citizenship and immigration services or just want to move residence it's necessary that you report these changes to the USCIS. This will guarantee that you receive important notices and updates on your application.

By choosing a specific date when you will be set to move, you can decide wisely on the appropriate date to make the change of address. According to law, a change is supposed to be made within ten days of the move to enable you receive updates in time. At this stage, it's mandatory that you get your latest case receipt number. The number is basically the thirteen digits alphanumeric identification number on your last official receipt from the USCIS that begins with three letters. You can also opt to get the number from your payment check if you paid your USCIS fee in that way.

Fill out the Form AR-11 with all the required information. This form can be obtained from the USCIS website. Download it and enter your case number, the date you last entered the country and the exact port where you entered from and make a print out of the saved copy. Note that these details should be entered keenly to avoid any inconvenience in the event that some of the details were entered wrongly.

Make sure you take a personal initiative to contact the USCIS service center, to inform them of the online change you just made. You will be advised on how to snail mail them the form and get a receipt confirmation. When mailing your form, make sure you identify the local service with jurisdiction over your new home if you moved to a different state. It's advisable that if you want to get your notice of receipt you have to use the snail mail service and not by filling out the form online only.

It usually takes a week or two before you receive you're a letter from the USCIS service center. When you receive the notice of receipt of your USCIS change of address confirm that the new address has been indicated properly as shown in your AR-1 form. It's very advisable that you go to your local post office to have your address changed as well. Note that if you had a sponsor who filed for you during the visa application he or she must make a USCIS green card change of address too.
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