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Internet Law

Extension Development for Joomla 1.6 Made Joomla More Popular

28th March 2011
Joomla is one of the powerful content management systems on the planet. It allows you to develop beautiful websites and useful applications for your clients. There are lots of people using Joomla as it is easy and quick to build website with Joomla. Jooml...
Author: marshalrosy
Business Law

AC-7 DSMI Server Pro and a mixer in the iPad

11th March 2011
Now, when I saw the fortune I spent on computers and appear iPad applications such as AC-7 Pro , I understand the success of the Tablet and generally from the App Store. And is that for a price of 7.99 euros we have a mixer to iPad . Not a crappy imp...
Author: aman
Internet Law

Hire Joomla Extension Developer For Solutions of Your Problems

07th March 2011
Joomla is highly popular content management system on this planet. With Joomla you can build or create beautiful websites quickly and without much effort. Joomla makes lots of tasks easier and quicker so it has attracted many. Joomla not only helps you to...
Author: marshalrosy

Learning from Law and Order

19th February 2010
It's almost a given that at any time in the United States and around the world some form of Law and Order can be seen on television. The show's creators have done a tremendous job of franchising this brand. So what can we, as entrepreneurs and small busin...
Author: Adrian Thomas
Copyright & Trademark

Best Steps to Protecting Your Copywritten Material Once It's Posted Online

30th November 2009
When artists create an article, book, poem, lyrics to a song, a Web site, logo or artwork, they may or may not copyright their work before posting it online. The purpose of copyrighting any material is to protect it from being re-distributed without the c...
Author: Amy Armitage
Copyright & Trademark

Why is it so Important to Copyright Your Work?

01st May 2009
Anyone working in a creative industry will be fully aware of the pernicious extent of the crime of copyright infringement. Anyone who has been victim to such activities as plagiarism will know that it is a crime that affects the victim in a way not dissim...
Author: mgordon