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Business Law

Useful Tips For Singapore Company Formation

04th January 2011
Singapore is globally known to be one of Asia's greatest business capital with the best business environment in Asia this past few years. Small and big time businessmen are always welcome in Singapore even if the country is not that big. If you are planni...
Author: asiabiz
Business Law

An Overview on the Process of Forming a Singapore Company

25th November 2010
A company is a type of business formation which stands on its own as a legal entity separate from its owners, or more correctly referred as shareholders. For businessmen who want to enjoy a more stable business structure and "limited liability," most p...
Author: ashley123

Issues with Capitalizing Your New Corporation

26th July 2007
Once you register a corporation in your state, you must go ahead and capitalize it. This raises a host of questions regarding the best way to do it and potential risks of getting it wrong. First things first. Any discussion of capitalization needs a d...
Author: Richard Chapo

Corporate Records Shareholder Inspections

06th December 2005
You're conducting business as a corporation and various shareholders have kicked in investment money. Can shareholder inspections of corporate records occur? Emotional Attachment With small businesses, emotions can run high. Typically, a person has ...
Author: Richard Chapo