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Coping with The IRS For Tax Relief Which includes a Compromise Settlement Agreement

04th April 2011
In the case of dealing with the INTEREST RATES, most people hesitate as they just don't know how to begin it. Quite often, looking for misinformed step will trigger disaster in one form or one other. Therefore, it is wise to make contact with a tax attorn...
Author: tierra
Real Estate Law

Why the Happy Face on Housing?

27th January 2011
Newspapers and smiling TV commentators have been telling us for several months that the real estate market and economy are improving, and may soon return to pre-2006 growth rates. While I donít believe that for the economy in general or for real estate i...
Author: John Hill
Family Law

How Child Support Works in Jacksonville, Florida

20th January 2011
Every child has the right to receive support from both parents as it is the latterís responsibility to provide for their children. Child support enforcement has been common in Florida, since many former couples are seeking legal guidance in providing thei...
Author: michellegillett
Business Law

credit card portfolio sale NH

10th January 2011
There can be a number of reasons behind piling up of credit card debt. Unexpected unemployment or sudden loss of income can definitely force anyone into a vicious cycle of debt that is tough to break. Credit card settlement is the ideal option in that cas...
Author: brookwood capital
Immigration Law

How to obtain an EB5 Green Card

14th October 2010
How to obtain an EB5 Green Card In order to obtain a green card for entry into the United States there are various requirements. It is not easy to achieve this. However, if you are an investor who is after getting one of these cards or visas for entry in...
Author: Stanley Hermosillo
Family Law

Why it is Vital for Dads to Talk with a Family Law Lawyer When You Become Unemployed

27th June 2010
In California and in every state in the nation, the amount of child support paid is based on both the needs of the child and the income of the parents. If the parties cannot agree to a support agreement on their own, there are several factors that the jud...
Author: Justin

Homebuyer Tax Credit Extension & Expansion

23rd December 2009
Okay, so I know that many of you homebuyers were frantic whether or not you were going to find a home in time to utilize the first time homebuyers tax credit. The new legislation that was passed, pushed this tax credit to April of 2010. President Ob...
Author: Housing Assist of America

Compromise Agreement and Tax

21st December 2009
Very often as part of the terms of a compromise agreement an employee may collect payment for unemployment which rise above the statutory minimum amount that an employee is designated to by the government.To determine whether tax is due on fundsreceived ...
Author: Stefan Valenzuela
Real Estate Law

Bankruptcy May Not Be Necessary For Defaulting on a Mortgage

05th November 2009
With rising unemployment and declining home prices, the least feasible debt to repay for most is their home mortgage. House prices have dropped by as much as two to three hundred thousand dollars per house for the average homeowner. And many Americ...
Author: Eshwarya Patel

Canadian Laws on Canadian Adult Child Support

28th July 2009
Adult child support invokes the response that most oxymorons entail- say what now? Although adults are not children, some adult children or adult dependants cannot survive on their own and require the assistance of their parents. Some cases that fall unde...
Author: Kevin Johnson

The relationship between a recession and crime

23rd July 2009
The UK, and much of the world is currently in recession. Crime is generally considered to rise during tough financial times, but in which ways and why? As we know, unemployment increases dramatically during a recession. Businesses struggling or going u...
Author: amnorge