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Why it is Vital for Dads to Talk with a Family Law Lawyer When You Become Unemployed

27th June 2010
By Justin in Family Law
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In California and in every state in the nation, the amount of child support paid is based on both the needs of the child and the income of the parents. If the parties cannot agree to a support agreement on their own, there are several factors that the judge will take into consideration when ordering child support to be paid.

When a father who has been ordered to pay child support loses his job, one common mistake that many men make is to not seek a support modification order right away. Child-support orders are enforceable unless they are modified. It is the responsibility of the individual to seek a modification order immediately upon losing their job.

It is very important to understand that a modification is not retroactive. It will not be effective retroactive to whenever the individual lost their job. It will be effective when the modification is sought. It's also worth noting that unpaid support collects interest at 10% per year, meaning those who do not pay their court ordered child financial support will end up owing even more in the long run. Consider that unpaid child support debt is good until the party pays their debt, and the importance of seeking a modification right away is abundantly clear.

One of the biggest problems in these cases is affording a lawyer in a time of unemployment. During this time, it is understandable to be tighter financially, and lawyers know this. Rent or mortgage payments, monthly utility bills, car payments, etc. must be fulfilled, making it difficult to not only pay child support, but to afford the service and assistance of a family law attorney.

Many law offices offer free initial consultations to discuss a case. These consultations are very valuable when an individual chooses to take advantage of the service. These consultations are essentially a family law attorney offering their time and legal expertise at no charge to discuss a case. Many lawyers do not offer this service, so be sure to ask whether the law firm offers free consultation before making an appointment.

During a consultation, an attorney will likely answer your questions about your situation and may offer guidance as to what the next step should be, i.e. how to seek modification to a child support order. While the consultation may be free, further services or legal advice may be billable. Payment for any future services rendered should be discussed during the initial consultation.

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