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Accident claims

Traffic Accidents Numerous but Declining

11th October 2011
Despite a steady increase in population and roadway traffic, the 2011 report by the Census Bureaus Statistical Abstract had some good news for drivers and passengers. Traffic accidents and fatalities have been consistently declining. The latest report, ...
Author: Millon & Peskin
Accident claims

Bobby Saadian Shares Info On Types Of Automobile Related Accidents

25th March 2011
Types of Auto related Accidents Bobby Saadian. Auto Product Liability It is the duty manufacturers and retailers alike to ensure that the products they provide are safe and reliable to the customers they serve. This includes motorcycle makers, both...
Author: Bobby Saadian
Personal Injury

Getting Off On The Right Foot When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

16th August 2010
If you've recently suffered from personal injury and have realized that the best course of action is to file a complaint, the very first thing you need to do in all cases before even contacting your attorney is ensuring that every aspect of the case is be...
Author: dru-man
Personal Injury

Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto

30th April 2010
Unfortunately almost 100% of all Canadians seem to be prone to car accidents and since it has always seemed to be second nature to make sure we have stability just in case any unpredictable mishaps occur, we seek the assistance of certain people who are a...
Author: greg
Accident claims

Car Accident Law - One by One

31st March 2010
All drivers face the possibility of being in a car accident. People who experience car accidents should do particular thing s following the accident regardless of how major the damage is to the car or the person. When a car accident turns into a court bat...
Author: nollma ckysr
Accident claims

Mississippi Car Accident Statistics – Important Info for Drivers

31st March 2010
Also known as the Magnolia State and called one of the very most beautiful and amazing states in the Southern part of the United States Mississippi is also know for many of its very dangerous roads. In 2004 alone over 900 people were killed in a car accid...
Author: Penelope Stone
Accident claims

Louisiana Car Accident Statistics – Important Info for Drivers

31st March 2010
In 2003 Louisiana seen a total of 894 motor vehicle accident related fatalities. More than 60% of these were due to a vehicle leaving the road way, with another 15% taking place at or near an intersection. A total of almost 15% involved large trucks and a...
Author: Penelope Stone
Accident claims

Michigan Car Accident Statistics – Important Info for Drivers

31st March 2010
In 2008 there were a total of 316,057 injuries and 980 fatalities due to car accidents on the Michigan roadways that were reported. When looking at 2007 numbers, the death toll increased almost 10 percent, injuries decreased 8 percent and the total number...
Author: Penelope Stone
Accident claims

If a Horse Enters a 12 Lane Freeway and Causes Your Huge Accident, Can You Get Reimbursed?

18th March 2010
Would it shock you if I said maybe not? Usually when you are not at fault for an incident, and the incident would not have occurred unless there was negligence, the other party has the burden of explaining why they are not liable, or they must pay the da...
Author: James Ballidis
Personal Injury

Bicycle Accidents--What You Must Know

01st December 2009
Bicycle accidents are easily preventable if you understand the rules of the road. Still, even when all precautions and laws are obeyed, a bicyclist is still at risk for an accident. Being in the right is not enough. You don't want to be dead right. Def...
Author: rex

Road traffic accidents in Europe

09th January 2009
A lot of people complain about the way that other people drive, and that's true no matter what country a person is in. There are a lot of traffic accidents in Europe that could be avoided, though, if people would follow the laws and rules of the road. Whe...
Author: Robert Palmer