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Michigan Car Accident Statistics – Important Info for Drivers

31st March 2010
By Penelope Stone in Accident claims
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In 2008 there were a total of 316,057 injuries and 980 fatalities due to car accidents on the Michigan roadways that were reported. When looking at 2007 numbers, the death toll increased almost 10 percent, injuries decreased 8 percent and the total number of crashes decreased almost 3 percent.

A total of 55, 568 injuries were seen from the total number of auto accidents, with one quarter taking place at intersections. Of all the fatalities, 32 percent involved at least one intoxicated driver, cyclist or pedestrian. Almost 25% involved drinking and no drugs, while almost 7 percent involved drugs and no alcohol. A total of 8 percent involved drinking and drugs.

Speeding was seen to be a factor in almost fourteen percent all fatal auto accidents. Of the total accidents in the year, 41% involved only one vehicle, which is a one percent increase from the year before. Of all the fatal accidents for 2008, over half involved only one vehicle. Out of the almost 300 alcohol related fatalities, 70 percent were only involving one vehicle which is a 4% decrease from the prior year. Out of the almost 1500 drivers involved in the fatal crashes, 166 of these persons were under 21 years old and almost 300 of the drivers involved in fatalities were under age 25.

Out of the overall citizens of the state numbering 10,003,422 one out of every 10,208 was killed due to an auto accident and one out of every 134 were injured due to an auto accident. For every one person killed, a total of 77 people were injured in an auto accident. Next to fire and drowning, accidental death due to auto accidents is the next most popular cause for deaths of small children in the state according to the Michigan Department of Community Health. Also from this agency, it is said that 3 of every 5 deaths for all teenagers and those aged from 15 to 24 in the state is due to an auto accident. The pedestrian death rate for the state is at 114 people, which is a decrease from 2007 where the total of 20 less.

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